Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Charisma

A fun home show of kids, by kids, for kids-Christmas Charisma was a success. Kids from the age of 5 to 12 were present here. Rashi, a friend and student of class 4 from DPS, Kalyanpur conducted the show. The speech I had prepared was well rehearsed. Pragya, Rashi's sister and a class 2 student was upbeat and a good co-helper of the show; making sure all guests felt warm and welcome. As Rashi delivered her first public speech befor an audience of 10-15, Pragya was a great usher for the evening.

The programme began with Rashi, Pragya and Navodita singing the prayer invoking Goddess Saraswati; followed by Rashi's song and Navodita's Urdu singing. A good start got everyone moving to the tune of rhyme and rhythm as Pragya then played the casio to a Church tune 'God's Love'. The best presentation was by a 5-year old who dressed up like a cat recited a cat poem and several other poems on further popular demand. Divyam, the little wonder, became an early favorite of the audience winning accolades from all. Durga, a little shy child gave one more recitation performance before a tea-break.

Post-break of heavy chholey bhaturey the mood got livelier, then Navodita gave a brief yoga demonstration to music, followed by a dance performance by Pragya. This was in turn followed by another child's recitation and one more dancer rocking the stage to 'Dance Pe Chance'!  Programme got to a great finish with a Christmas carol and gifts being distributed from Santa's Sack. The two Santas -Navodita and Pragya were rather generous distributing sweets and children's gifts and good luck charms to all while singing Jingle Bells!

The brief Christmas celebration was enjoyed thoroughly by all children as they burst balloons in the end and gathered sweets and walked away happily with gifts from Santa. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2011 to you, too. Thanks for reading!

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